Cute Video: Cat Trust Falls Into Owner's Lap

We've seen dogs to trust falls, but cats? That's a new one! Watch as Didga, who takes part in other un-cat-like activities like skateboarding, trust fall into her owner's lap.

Pet Scoop: Residents Rescue Blind Dog From Lake, Penguin Chicks Hand-Reared at Zoo

Blind dog rescued from lake, contaminated dog food recalled, penguin chicks hand-reared, and more animal news

I Escaped an Abusive Relationship — Thanks to My Dogs

When trainer Mikkel Becker found herself in an abusive relationship, she didn't know where to turn. But her Pugs gave her the strength to get help.

5 Adoption Stories We Can’t Get Enough Of

From modeling sessions turned forever homes to a geriatric pup finding a second chance, here are five stories about pet adoption that will warm your heart.

Pet Scoop: Dog Survives After Rescue From Fire, Top Names for April the Giraffe’s Calf

Nalah the dog is saved from a fire by firefighters and her vet, you can vote on the top ten names for April the giraffe's calf, a giant rabbit name Simon died on a United Airlines flight to Chicago and more animal news.

Mama Shelter Cat Adopts Stray Kitten

Shortly after Firefly gave birth to five kittens, an animal shelter in Virginia took in an orphaned kitten, and decided to see whether the new mom would accept the little guy into her family.

Pet Scoop: Rare Footage Shows Snuggling Snow Leopards, Dog Finds Kitten Trapped in Wall

Newly released footage shows three elusive snow leopards snuggling in China, a dog finds a kitten trapped in the wall of his home, a new evolutionary tree sheds light on dogs' genetics and more animal news.

Cat Who Lost Both Ears Becomes Instagram Star

Otitis, who lost both of his ears due to a condition called Otitis externa, has become a star on Instagram, with more than 17,000 people following his adventures.

Pet Scoop: Goats Go for a Ride-Along With Cop, NBC Pundit Seated Beside Dog on Plane

Two wayward pygmy goats were picked up by police in Maine, NBC political analyst Mark Halperin got into a Twitter feud about his canine seatmate on a Delta flight, a cat who lost both of his ears is an Instagram star and more animal news.

Pet Scoop: “Spunky” Prudence Wins Beautiful Bulldog Title, Penguins March for Science

Prudence, 2, wins Drake University's Beautiful Bulldog contest, penguins march for science at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a dog barely recognizes his owner after his release from the hospital and more animal news.

Salma Hayek Says Goodbye to Her Dog Blue

Actress Salma Hayek turned to Instagram to post a heartfelt tribute to her late dog, Blue, who died from an illness. Read the tribute here.

Pet Scoop: Emotional Reunion for Airman and K9, Salma Hayek Pays Tribute to Her Dog Blue

Air Force Staff Sgt. Adam Wylie is reunited with his retiring K9 Emra, Salma Hayak posts a heartfelt goodbye to her dog Blue, adorable polar bear cubs emerge from their dens and more animal news.

Firefighters Rescue Kittens From Fire Truck

Firefighters are often called on to help free kittens from car engines. But a crew in Indianapolis found a litter of three in the hose bed of their own truck.

Pet Scoop: Trio of Polar Bear Cubs Make Debut, Newborn Kittens Found in Fire Engine

Three polar bear cubs make their debut this week at the Columbus Zoo, Indianapolis firefighters rescue three newborn kittens from their own engine, neighbors help save a dog with a plastic jar stuck on his head and more animal news.

A Letter to My Dog Rudi on Her 10th Birthday

Our editor's Lab mix, Rudi, just turned 10 years old. In this personal essay, the editor shares a few lessons she's learned from her dog over the past decade.

Ex-Inmate Adopts Puppy She Trained in Prison

When Mercedes Castillo was released from prison, one of the first places she went was to the Erie County SPCA to adopt the puppy she’d trained while she was behind bars.

Pet Scoop: Beaver Inadvertently Herds 150 Cows, Ex-Inmate Adopts Pup She Trained

Beaver herds cows on Canadian ranch, moose population explodes in Michigan and more animal news.

Your Dog’s Guilty Look May Come From Wolves

When your dog bows his head low and looks at you with big sad eyes after he’s done something wrong, he may be using a complex survival tactic evolved from wolves.

Pet Scoop: 25-Year-Old Horse Stuck in Mud, Dogs’ “Guilty Look” May Stem From Wolves

A 25-year-old horse gets stuck in mud up to his belly, a scientists says your dog's guilty look may stem from wolves, a family is reunited with their stolen dog after seeing him on the TV news and more animal news.

IKEA Donates Doll Beds to Animal Shelter

IKEA donated 10 doll beds (as well as $300) to Etobicoke Humane Society in Ontario so their shelter cats have a soft place to rest their heads.

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